Wardrobe Wonders: Autumnal Reds

Just a quick one today to kick off my Wardrobe Wonders: a little segment for showcasing the occasional outfit. Welcome one and all!

115I’m not the most fashion forward person by a long way – my clothes are far too colourful to be at the cutting edge of couture! I inherited my rainbow tendencies from my Mum (a lifelong hater of beige and grey), and you’ll probably see that reflected in my outfit choices! But I like to think my clothes are fun and have their own kind of style, and hopefully you’ll like them too.134Today I am showing off one of my favourite birthday presents, and what I am sure will be a staple outfit for me this autumn. Since returning to the UK last month after nearly two weeks in California, I’ve been feeling the lack of sunshine and blue skies. But I do enjoy transitional dressing – before the need to bundle up in layers that make you look like the Michelin Man, when we can still enjoy the return of colourful scarves, cosy jumpers and ankle boots. (I have an abundance of the first two – my scarves have their own box and my jumpers spill out from the wardrobe into a drawer and onto a rack on the back of the door! I may have a problem…)

135This outfit, to me, is the perfect blend of final-dregs-of-summer/shiny-newness-of-Autumn. The Poppy Lux top (a present from my recent 24th birthday – feeling old already!) has a ¾ length sleeve with sheer lace sleeves for pretty detailing and the added bonus of keeping you cool during those unexpected bursts of Autumn warmth and sunshine. However, it also has a high neck with white shirt collar, adding a formal air and scoring extra points for channelling that 60s vibe. I adore the vibrancy of the berry red hue – so luscious, and the epitome of Autumn shades.


The jeans are a Crew investment: their Ballater slim jeans. Eternally flattering and thoroughly comfortable, they’re very good quality and the fit suits my shape perfectly. I cannot recommend them enough.


The boots are a pair I bought from New Look last year to replace an identical pair I bought (and subsequently wore until they fell apart). I am very tempted to invest in a pair of brown boots this year for a slightly less formal look, but I would never cast aside my black boots. They’re comfy, stylish, waterproof (a crucial factor considering British weather year-round!), and go with everything.


Top: Poppy Lux (Unfortunately the top is no longer listed on the website. If you love the colour of the lace, they do a dress here. If you like the contrast collared shirt style, there are similar styles on the Sugarhill Boutique website)

Jeans: Crew

Boots: New Look (similar here)

Bracelet: American Eagle Outfitters

What is your favourite transitional trend? Are you feeling the 60s trend right now? And are you, like me, relishing the opportunity to live in your cosy knitted jumpers every day for the next few months?

142(My thanks to Ben for taking the photos. I’ve never done one of these outfit shoots before: cue embarrassed smile!)

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