A Trip to Hipster Peckham: Peckham Market Launch

A few weeks ago, a leaflet dropped through our letterbox. As I’m sure you all do, we mostly get takeaway menus, although not long after I moved in with Jon last year I did pick up one leaflet proffering the services of a witch doctor (only in Camberwell, people…). Jon and I have got used to putting these straight in the bin (though I kept the witch doctor one on sheer novelty factor). However, not so long ago this arrived:

008Now I am always looking for opportunities to enjoy some good food, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to sample some produce close to home, thereby supporting local industry and getting out in our local area. So on Saturday morning, Ben and I caught the Overground to Peckham Rye, and strolled along to the Harris Academy in the November sunshine (how wonderful/odd has this sudden burst of autumnal warmth been?). The market was held in the playground at the rear of the school, and was filled with a collection of stalls selling the most amazing produce. There was fresh fruit and veg, charcuterie, hot food vendors, cake stalls, tea sellers, plants…and lots and lots of cheese. We were in foodie heaven!


Ben and I decided on a browse around the stalls first before buying anything, but we were soon swayed by Blackwoods Cheese Company, and these bad boys:

015The vendor kindly let us try some of the cheese, which is of a feta-like consistency and soaked in virgin olive oil and herbs. It was delicious, and we parted with our cash for a jar about thirty seconds later!

With so many stalls on offer we had a hard time choosing where to head to for brunch, but eventually settled on Finest Fayre, who specialise in scotch eggs and pie. There were a variety of flavours, but we decided to try the Chorizo Scotch Egg with salad, and a slice of the Chicken and Ham Pie. They were awesome choices. The chorizo had a wonderful hint of spice, and was served with salt and pepper for an extra kick.

113The pie was wonderful: proper cuts of chicken and ham, good pastry and jelly, and none of that greasy feeling or aftertaste you sometimes get with pies.

114We were also joined by this little guy eyeing up our food!

117     118

We next felt the need to refresh and cleanse our palates, and decided to do it with a visit to Hot Box Brew. We both went for the Hot Toddy, a concoction of fresh honey, lemon, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. I am currently suffering from a cold, so I thought this would be the perfect choice. And I wasn’t wrong:


The Hot Toddy smelt amazing, and once it had cooled down enough for me to drink (I’m not very good with very hot drinks), I enjoyed every second. It was refreshing, cleansing and soothing.

016Next up: dessert. We paid a visit to the South East Bakery stall, and came away with a Banoffee Crumble square and an Oreo brownie square.


We then headed off on a cheese hunt. We stopped at Flavours of Spain, and with the help of the knowledgeable stallholders we came away with a pungent blue cheese (we’re waiting for the opportunity to put this into a pasta sauce. I’m dribbling at the very thought!). We then made our way to Kooky Cakes, where we obtained a Pimped Up Brownie and a Cookie Dough Cupcake. These we have yet to taste test, but they look delicious.

Our penultimate visit was to Cannon and Cannon charcuterie. They specialise in a variety of dried sausages, and we came away with the Spicy Lamb Mergue, the Suffolk Chorizo (considering my upbringing, it would be rude not to!), and the Venison and Longpepper. Ben also bought some Herby Biltong for munching on the way home.


Our final stop of the day was back to Blackwoods Cheese Company. We bought an orange Cheshire Cheddar and a creamy Stilton, and made our way back to the station.

135The rest of our afternoon was spent baking banoffee pie (a late birthday treat for Ben), sampling our cheese purchases and watching the pilot of Gotham that premiered on Channel 5 a few weeks ago. So far we’re both fans – it’s dark and dramatic, with a hint of gothic and film noir about it. We’ll definitely be tuning in for the second episode!

Altogether we had ourselves a lovely Saturday afternoon, and I would definitely recommend a visit ti the Peckham Market if you’re in the area. This was the launch day, but it runs every Saturday from 10am-2pm. It’s a thoroughly pleasant day out, with a wide range of food options and a cheery atmosphere.

If you do visit, remember to tweet a picture of yourself or your produce, tagging @peckham_market and adding the hashtags #tweetasyoueat and #onefeedstwo, the organisers will donate a school meal to a child in poverty.

Do you have any local food markets you like to visit? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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2 Responses to A Trip to Hipster Peckham: Peckham Market Launch

  1. catmab says:

    I keep meaning to go down there, as it’s local but haven’t had the time yet! Your post has reminded me that there’s only 2 more Saturdays left!!


  2. Oh you should definitely try and visit before Christmas! We really enjoyed the food when we visited, and it’s great to support the local businesses. I’m always in the lookout for events like this to visit in the local area-do you have any favourites you could recommend?


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