Photo Reel: The Art of the Brick

114In a rare trip to London’s trendy hipster quarter, Ben and I ventured into Shoreditch at the start of the week to relive our childhood on a grand scale. Yes, we were heading to the Lego exhibition at the Truman Brewery. As a fan of anything off the wall and eclectic, I was well up for visiting this novel exhibition, and it gave Ben a chance to feel like a little kid again.

089The exhibition is the brainchild of artist Nathan Sawaya. Having begun his career as an attorney, his love of LEGO grew from a sideline hobby to a full-blown career, and having started off at the LEGO company, he is now an independent artist. He is also the only person ever to be recognized as both a LEGO Master Builder and a LEGO Certified Professional (thank you, Wikipedia, for that fact of the day!)

025 (2)There were a couple of videos around, showing the artist at work with his bricks and glue. On one piece you could see him make a mistake with sculpting a to-scale human leg, and in order to start again he had to get out a hammer and chisel to knock the bricks apart, as the glue had set them so strongly!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy my photo highlights from the exhibition:

006 (2)The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

017 (2)The Scream by Edvard Munch

020 (2)The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai

023 (2)The Girl With The Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

022 (2)Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

034092090055What I liked about the exhibition was how painstakingly everything was created. It seems so simple, but the eye for detail and scale you have to have is as exact as any conventional artist. It’s a novel idea and a highly enjoyable way to spend an hour or two. If you’re looking for fine art, this isn’t the place for you. But if you like your entertainment with added kitsch factor and a life-size T-Rex floats your boat, then you should pay the Truman Brewery a visit!

033    063

Have you been to the Art of the Brick? What did you think? Which piece was your favourite? I think mine was either the T-Rex or this piece below, titled The Swimmer!

049Having checked the Truman Brewery’s website, bookings have been extended until April 2015, so you still have plenty of time to check this out! You can buy tickets here

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