Wardrobe Wonders: Crazy Geometric Crop Jumper

290So I’ve been completely remiss in posting anything wardrobe-related for nearly two months (very bad form of me!), and with the winter daylight hours fast decreasing, I never have enough time to take any decent pictures of my clothes. But with Christmas drinks and the use of Ben’s camera/flash on Friday, we ended up in a rather impromptu photo shoot of one of my favourite jumpers.

289Anyone who knows me will notice I have a wide and far-reaching range of jumpers, and that I am forever falling in love with a new one! In fact I have to exercise great restraint and only order the ones I love now, or I’d be drowning in knitwear year round! It’s a slight addiction only rivalled by my love of dogs, bright colours and books.

291This woollen, geometric 80s throwback is one of my particular faves. I love everything about it – the beautiful colours, the bold pattern and the soft wool (not itchy either, FYI). It’s the only crop clothing I’m brave enough to wear! In fact I was worried, not only about this, but about the pattern. I didn’t know if I’d be brave enough to wear this out in public. But I went and bought it anyway on impulse, and I’m so glad I did.

292Taken in front of our front door (classy!) in practically near-darkness, the flash really came into its own, and the plain colours in the hallway really allowed the colours on the jumper to pop. This is probably helped by the blue and black geometric bodycon skirt from Forever 21, as the sympathetic patterns and contrasting colours don’t make this too much of a crazy clash!

286This particular beauty is from ASOS, and was snapped up earlier on this year. Sadly I can’t find it there now, but what with Christmas jumpers flooding the market, I thought I’d look for a few alternatives for you which can be worn the whole winter long and not just during the festive season. I have a few finds below:

Colourful Winter JumpersAbove: Fair Isle Jumper – Pink Mix (M&S) // Women’s Knitted Sweater Geometry Printed (Ali Express – USA) // Fair Isle Jumper – Blue Mix (M&S)

Do you have a colourful winter knit that brightens up your winter? Do you share my jumper addiction? Can you recommend any good sites/knits to me? I’d love to hear from you!

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