Say Hello To My Little Friend…

So today heralded a very exciting development in my blogosphere. Off the back of some Christmas money and plentiful advice from my technical advisor (Ben), I headed off to Jessops and came back the proud owner of this…

photo 1This baby is the Nikon D5200. I wanted something that a beginner could use, but that I wouldn’t grow out of too quickly. The choice of a Nikon was purely because Ben also has a Nikon, and therefore has some experience with how to use it. It also means that I get to borrow his range of camera lenses…

I have, as yet, no real idea of how to work it beyond ‘point and shoot’, but I have a sizeable manual telling me all about focus points, modes and shutter speeds. It seems that, as well as my ongoing book challenge, I can now immerse myself in reading the guide to my 18-55mm lens, which includes such alien phrases as ‘lens hood’ and ‘zoom ring’!

The hope is that I can use this blog as a suitable channel for developing my photography skills and capturing some of the most important moments of the years to come. Bear with me while I’m still getting started, and with any luck we’ll get some half-decent photos up and running that weren’t just taken by Ben! Until then, this will be the most anyone who knows me will likely be seeing of me for some time…

photo 2

If you can have any fail-safe tips for an enthusiastic but fairly novice photographer starting out with a DSLR for the first time, do drop me a line! You can contact me via email at, and you can also find and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin.

I hope you’re all having a good week so far! If you’ve made it through Monday, you can definitely make it to the end of the week!


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6 Responses to Say Hello To My Little Friend…

  1. Nice camera! I’ve owned a DSLR by Canon for a few years now, and I still learn new things about it every so often. Good luck with figuring it all out! 🙂


  2. Dale says:

    Welcome to the D5200 family, Sophie. This camera is very user friendly and you can find tons of tutorial videos online. Happy shooting!


    • Thank you, Dale. I am very much enjoying learning how to use it – I hope to put some photos of my progress up soon! Thanks for the recommendations – will certainly check out some of those tutorial videos soon!


  3. thebookishuniverse says:

    ‘s funny because I bought the same camera a few months ago. It was my first DRLR as well and as a beginner I found it easy to use.
    My tip: I used to read tutorials and stuff on how to use it but I found out that they didn’t do me any good. You just need one person to clarify some things and teach you the basics and you’re done. Then, you need to be creative and discover your camera by yourself. It’s the best way to enjoy it


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