Wardrobe Wonders: Azure Granny Coat

Sorry for the silence over here, I’ve been enjoying a few days at my dad’s back in Suffolk, making plans for his upcoming birthday in February, including his Top Secret present! But now I’m back in London (and back at work – boo!), I’m back in business. I’m looking to put up the second review of my 52 Books Challenge in the next few days, along with my recent visit to the Germany exhibiton at the British Museum. But first I’m going to kick off with one of my recent wardrobe staples. It’s been getting pretty chilly over here in the UK, even in the mild south of the country. Some bitter winds have dragged the air temperature right down, and meant that I have ventured out into the cold with lots of layers, a thick scarf and a snuggly warm coat. And my coat of choice has been this beauty…

DSC_1030It’s from Joy, and I have fallen head over heels for it in the last few months. Even better, if you like it as much as I do, it’s currently in the sale!

DSC_1037I discovered this coat in November. Ben and I were walking past the Richmond branch of Joy and the colour just called to me through the rainy night from the window display! I was drawn inside and liked it even more when I tried it on. But it’s a rather bold choice for me – despite my love of bright colours, my coats are usually bought purely for functionality, and will never win any awards for style. So I sent off a snap of it to my most trusted fashion advisor – my mum. She will never let me set foot outside looking like a pillock. So I waited for her advice and thought about it overnight. She gave the green light, and I returned the next day and made a rather tentative purchase. And have worn it most days since!

DSC_0025_2I have never spent so much on a coat (full price it was £125), but I haven’t regretted a single penny of it. The colour is a gorgeous, vibrant blue, and in a shift style that fits with the popular 60s trend. The faux fur collar keeps me warm without the need for a scarf (though there is space underneath for one if the weather is particularly parky!). In fact the whole coat is lovely and warm, due to the thick heavyweight wool blend. The sleeves are a nice, cosy length, and the coat falls to about mid-thigh. This makes it a nice length, and helps to cover that No Man’s Land of space between the bottom of your coat and the top of your boots, where your legs always get cold!

DSC_1033I do worry that I look a little like my grandmother in this, what with the faux fur and the style and material of the coat. It’s a little like a coat from Downton Abbey caught in a spin-dryer with a rainbow! But my worries on that score have faded over time, and now I enjoy rocking this statement. It works with everything from dress and heels on a night out at the theatre, to a Christmas day walk across the countryside!

DSC_0032_2DSC_1035My only little gripe is that one of the buttons has become awfully loose, and I am worried it may fall off soon. One of the pocket linings has also come loose, both of which I guess are testament to how much I’ve used the coat since purchasing it. But it’s nothing that a quick needle and thread job couldn’t fix! Other than that I love it, and I thoroughly recommend it as a warm, stylish investment piece for the next few winters. It’s now retailing at £85 on the Joy website, and if you like the style but not the colour, you can buy it in a pale, sugary pink as well.

DSC_1041Do you have any particular favourite winter coats? Are they as bright and granny-ish as mine? I would love to hear about them, especially with proper winter setting in now before the start of Spring!

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