An Ode to Sugarhill Boutique


In June 2013 I was scrolling through the ASOS website in search of some new summer attire, when I stumbled across the most wonderful navy blue top, covered in parrots. The top was by a designer called Sugarhill Boutique, whom I’d never heard of before. I decided to Google them, and came across their website.

It was a revelation. I fell in love with their bright colours, bold prints and flattering fits.

015ed374f50b360ea2cd70045c37df5633315d0473I quickly became obsessed, and have been snapping up and wearing their clothes ever since. Their summery prints, seen above, are particularly fun, and it always brightens up my day to get them out of the wardrobe.

062   202Excuse the poor quality of some of these photos – the peril of phone selfies!

1545611_10152230495124283_195131764_nTheir only store is in Brighton, and the rest is online, but the clothes are fairly true to size, and if you do stop by the Brighton base you can often snap up a bargain from seasons gone by. I buy something pretty much every time I go there – I’m next going to Brighton on 1st Ferbruary, so I’m sure I’ll find a way to drop by during the day! There are tonnes of other bloggers who also enjoy this brand, and they show you on the website when certain clothes are celeb or blogger favourites, including photos of them wearing the outfits. This is so helpful, because the peril of online buying is often not being able to tell exactly what the shape or colour of the clothes are on real people.

Below are two of my favourite recent purchases, which are currently in the sale. If you like them, hurry – once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

DSC_0216_2This is the Smart Tiger Blouse. I absolutely adore it, from the colour to the print to the little details, like the buttons at the cuff and neck. It can be dressed down with jeans, or dressed up with a skirt and boots.



DSC_0221_2The Top Cat Dress is also a recent purchase, and I debuted it over the Christmas holidays with my family.


It’s a gorgeous colour, a comfortable fit and a flattering style.



DSC_0255_2I often struggle with finding smart-casual day dresses, so this was perfect to tick that box.


DSC_0245_2The necklace (which matches perfectly with this dress!) is from Tatty Devine. It’s sadly no longer available, but they have an amazing range, and I will showcase my other purchases from there soon, as they definitely deserve their own page space!

I would highly recommend you checking outSugarhill Boutique. This post wasn’t sponsored in any way – I meant to put it up about a month ago when the sales hit, but what with Christmas, New Year and going back to work, it got slightly neglected! Better late than never though – it’s about time I shared the love over this unique and beautiful brand. And the spring refresh has just kicked in, so you can look ahead to this season as well as snap up some sale bargains. I currently have my eye on the Birdie Top, the Very Cherry Dress and the Cherry Sweater. I told you I had an obsession!

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2 Responses to An Ode to Sugarhill Boutique

  1. Those tops are so adorable! I love anything with animals on it, so the tiger shirt and the owl dress are awesome! The ice cream (I have a slight obsession with ice cream, so…) and camera ones look amazing as well, I’ll definitely have to check this place out. 🙂


    • I’m glad you like it – I regularly trawl their website and update my wish list! I think they ship to the US as well if you like their stuff. I love the variety of prints – they’re quirky and different, and wearing their clothes always makes me smile!


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