Camera Experiments: January Edit

January Camera ExperimentsAs you may already know, I have been the proud owner of a Nikon D5200 for the last month, and have been eagerly learning how to take proper photos on a DSLR for the first time. Ben has been great, giving me lessons on aperture and shutter speed and metering, and it is all gradually sinking in. So I thought I’d show you what my first month of experimentation has produced.

034First off, Ben and I took a trip to Borough Market for lunch and a wander along the South Bank. There are few places in London more photogenic than the gorgeous South Bank (though having lived in Borough during my first year of uni I may be horribly biased…)

020021023025049042032We ate hog roast burgers, baklava, and chocolate and baileys cheesecake, and I returned home with lemon Turkish delight and sea salt caramel fudge. We then went for a rather chilly walk along the Thames, and I learnt how to take those blurry in-motion pictures of the river I’d admired for years!


106082My next opportunity for experimenting came when I took a short trip home to visit my dad for a few days. We took a trip to Woodbridge, one of my favourite Suffolk towns, and I spent a rainy afternoon desperately trying to remember what Ben taught me in our previous session.


016018020021038072046080074079027086089I do love going back to Suffolk – it’s so picturesque, and bursting with photo ops. How adorable is that collie? He/she was sitting on a bench outside the pub we went to for lunch, and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick pic and having a fuss!

Finally, Mum, Tony and I went to the Garden Museum next to Lambeth Palace as part of her birthday celebration weekend.

125Set inside an old church, the museum houses a strange collection of gardening curios, from wheelbarrows to seed dispensers to garden gnomes. They also have a small garden at the back of the museum in what was the church yard, and the combination of the two made for some wonderful shots.

006076091074111081101014052022We took a wander along the South Bank afterwards, before sheltering from the cold in Covent Garden for pizza.


144I hope you’ve enjoyed this little photographic tour through my month. I may well showcase the random experiments with my new baby at the end of every month now on for the rest of the year, and hopefully by the end of 2015 there will be some improvement! Stay tuned!

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