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Girly Champagne Afternoon Tea at Kettner’s, Soho

On Saturday afternoon I roused myself after only four hours sleep (thank you shift work!), and headed off to meet my mother for a gentile girly afternoon. We were going to visit the Wedding Dress exhibition at the V&A and … Continue reading

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Things That Made Me Smile #3

Well, last week was certianly a hectic and slightly stressful one! I was so glad when Saturday morning rolled around and I could savour three days off. I’m back to work tomorrow (boo!), but until then I can savour the … Continue reading

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Anniversary Celebrations: Jackson & Rye, Hawksmoor and Herons

A couple of weeks ago was a day like any other, a Tuesday which had nothing out of the ordinary going for it except for two things. Firstly, we had snow. An actual layer of snow landed on the ground … Continue reading

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A View From the Bridge: Greek Tragedy Unravels in Brooklyn

Nearly ten years ago, I was studying for my GCSEs. That is a scary enough fact in itself. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a DECADE since I sat those exams – I still feel like I’m about 19 at … Continue reading

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Things That Made Me Smile #2

As we reach the end of another week, I can quite honestly say that I am knackered. What with eight days working followed by two days off, and now one day through another run of six, I am practically falling … Continue reading

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Dumbledore and McGonagall Take Brighton: Cocktails, Seagulls and Rainbow Shops

Have you ever taken one of those random internet quizzes, a speciality of Buzzfeed, which tells you stuff like which city you should live in, which Game of Thrones character you are, etc? Those quizzes you should have grown out … Continue reading

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Things That Made Me Smile #1

So one of my favourite blog posts to read from my extensive blog reading lists are the Happy Lists. Coming under a variety of different names, these posts sing the praises of all the little things which make an ordinary … Continue reading

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