Things That Made Me Smile #1

154So one of my favourite blog posts to read from my extensive blog reading lists are the Happy Lists. Coming under a variety of different names, these posts sing the praises of all the little things which make an ordinary week special. It helps you look back and remember things you might otherwise forget, and makes you feel a new gratitude for life. Some of my favourites can be found on Cider With Rosie, Little Miss Katy and Kat Got The Cream. I love the idea, and have toyed with doing it for a while. As it’s the start of a new month, I thought I’d have a bash and see how I get on!

I actually quite enjoyed compiling a little list of things which have made my week special – some of them big, some of them silly, but all of them have made me smile.

+ A trip to Brighton last Sunday to visit one of my favourite people, Anna. We often meet up in Brighton for the day – it’s one of my favourite towns for a day’s browsing. We ate lunch, wandered the shops and seafront, and then had rather a lot of cocktails. More on that soon!

+ Ben and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Tuesday. Unfortunately he had to work all day, but we managed to cram in a celebratory breakfast at Jackson and Rye in Richmond, and dinner at Hawksmoor, both of which were amazing. (More on both of those to come next week) I am very fortunate to have spent the last year with someone as special as Ben, and I’m already excited about what we have planned for the year ahead!

+ Spotting a heron by the riverside in Richmond at sunset when out walking with Ben on our anniversary. It even stayed still long enough for me to snap some photos! (Coming soon)

+ Finally getting my hands on a star-scattered Cath Kidston bobble hat (pictured above). I had been after this since before Christmas, but it had sold out everywhere I looked. Luckily, the Brighton store must have been less frequented, because I found it there at half price. Result! I also snapped up the cushion at a discounted price. Colourful knitwear/homeware for the win!

+ Updating my About page on the blog. I initially wrote it when I first set my blog up in October, and although it was OK, looking back on it now it seemed a bit clunky and nervous. So it was time for an overhaul! And I am very pleased with the result. Check it out and see what you think!

+ Catching up my new trash TV guilty pleasure – The Real Housewives of Cheshire. It’s the perfect way to disengage my brain and wind down after work, and I love it!

+ Catching sight of a man walking his micro pig through Barnes! Ben and I were driving past so we only got a brief glimpse, but it induced about five minutes of excited delirium from both of us, and sent us to work with smiles on our faces! For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing a micro pig, they’re adorable.

+ Thursday being designated as World Nutella Day. As a Nutella fanatic, I need no excuse to celebrate the glory that is chocolately hazelnut spread, but I did decide to finish the dregs in the jar off with a spoon – just to show due respect, of course…

+ Thursday also marked the return of The Great British Sewing Bee to our screens. Essentially The Great British Bake Off’s younger sister, this hidden gem is such a treat. I love the way it allows you to switch off all the problems of day-to-day life and sink into the sofa with a cup of tea and a general sense of wellbeing. I think one of the reasons this programme is so popular is that, like GBBO, it allows us escapism back to a simpler time, a very English garden parties and make do and mend attitude that reeks of nostalgia. I love it – it’s the perfect antidote to hectic London living. If only I could sew! (I once made a stress ball style object in DT at school which was meant to be pyramid-shaped, but due to my incompetence it came out a flat square. Worse of all, one of the boys in the class relied on me for guidance, so we were the only two to make the wrong shapes!)

+ One of my goals for this year has been to start running more often, and this week I managed to do so twice. Not only that, but I am finally starting to enjoy running. I find I can run for longer, it feels easier, my times are getting shorter, and I don’t just spend my entire time staring at the ground thinking ‘Oh God, I can’t breathe, I hate this, everything hurts, just keep going, BREATHE!’ Winning.

What has made you smile this week? Do you keep happiness lists? Do you have any favourites you read on other blogs?

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1 Response to Things That Made Me Smile #1

  1. Frostblade says:

    Sod running. Take up cycling!


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