Dumbledore and McGonagall Take Brighton: Cocktails, Seagulls and Rainbow Shops

Brighton Photo Reel Cover PicHave you ever taken one of those random internet quizzes, a speciality of Buzzfeed, which tells you stuff like which city you should live in, which Game of Thrones character you are, etc? Those quizzes you should have grown out of as an adult, but yet you keep going back to as a perfect procrastination tool? Well I am guilty as charged, although I don’t normally tend to go in for sharing the results with the world via Facebook. However, the one I alighted on the other day was Which Harry Potter Duo Are You and Your BFF? As a Harry Potter nut, I couldn’t help but take it, with me and Anna in mind. And we came back with Dumbledore and McGonagall! So I had to share the result with her. I could see her pulling off a long white beard with aplomb, and I may have dressed up as McGonagall for World Book Day when I was about eight…

IMG_5591Anyway…when Dumbledore and McGonagall met this time we took on Brighton. A favourite haunt of ours, and not too far by train from where Anna lives in Sussex, it’s a lovely little place to while away a day. It was also the perfect excuse to get out my camera and take some snaps. It was as cold as it looks – whenever Anna and I go to Brighton it always seems to be freezing cold and the middle of winter! And yet we always have a fab time. Here are our photo highlights:
024We started off with the Lanes, a maze of little pedestrianised streets crammed with quirky shops selling a vast array of goods.

005I love this shell-and-stone-encrusted telescope in one of the shop windows. It would look perfect in a conservatory, living room or study overlooking the sea!

037I also LOVED these shoes. Talk about perfect for an alternative wedding choice?

007019My friend Tom is Dr Who mad. It took some self-restraint not to buy this woolly gem for him…144018011051153We also made a stop at Cath Kidston, where I snapped up some brightly coloured bargains in the sale…

154025Brighton is full of wacky little touches to its buildings – the shops are painted in a rainbow of colours, and even the floor sports some colourful mosaics.I particularly liked the Valentine’s Day display in Cyber Candy…

029But the residents don’t like to be left out, as we soon saw…

008Doesn’t he look cosy?!

Brighton also has a very vibrant graffiti scene…

001149Though alongside that it specialises in delicate cakes and patisserie…

140141142As well as the more unusual sweet purchase…

030After some retail therapy, we stopped for lunch at Strada (Anna had a voucher), and gorged ourselves on lovely Italian food. And here is the lovely Anna!

042After a very filling lunch, we were in need of a walk to work it off, so continued our wander through the streets and down to the sea.

097I love the Brighton seafront and walking along the pier. Anna isn’t so keen, what with her fear of heights and birds, so we didn’t spend too long out there, but I hope my shots manage to capture the rugged beauty of the coastline and the way the sunlight shimmered on the sea.

088083094 - Copy

062067107129This green bronze doughnut sculpture is called ‘Afloat’. Apparently it was designed on a possible model of how our universe may look, and is situated on the end of a groyne. For those of you who didn’t grow up near the sea or pay attention in your Geography lessons (Ben certainly sniggered at the word ‘groyne’), it is essentially a concrete structure jutting out into the sea (although they can be formed naturally), which create beaches, or prevent them being washed away, by longshore drift.

120102I love this shot of the family playing on the beach among the shingle and the waves, having a blast despite the baltic temperatures!

104And this especially beautiful feature is a tribute to love. As you can see from the images, it celebrates love in all its forms, and is even more special because they are only visible when the sun shines through them from the sea.

151After our bracing walk along the seafront, Anna and I decided to take refuge in the warm for tea and cake. We decided to hit up Catwalk Cupcakes, a cute but compact tea room on the Lanes. They always have a majorly impressive window display, and today was no exception.

031034We settled down with tea and cupcakes to defrost.

152And then after a last, quick browse round the shops before closing, we made our way to our final stop, just in time for Happy Hour…

B@1 CocktailsAs you can see, we took full advantage of the 2-4-1 offer with our (much stronger than we thought!) drinks. I will leave you with our #CocktailSelfie…

Anna and Me in B@1Have you been to Brighton? Do you love it as much as we do? Have you taken the Buzzfeed quiz? Which pairing did you come out as?

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