Things That Made Me Smile #3

177Well, last week was certianly a hectic and slightly stressful one! I was so glad when Saturday morning rolled around and I could savour three days off. I’m back to work tomorrow (boo!), but until then I can savour the last few hours of freedom and look back over the things that made me smile last week:

+ SEALIONS. This could basically be my week’s happiness in one word. Because he had to work on our anniversary (and his day off), Ben decided to use the spare money from this last minute cancellation to fund something special for us to do together. And he hit upon the best idea ever. We went to Woburn Safari Park for a day’s drive around, with added-in sealion experience! We got to meet the keepers, tour the sealions’ pens and enclosures, and best of all – we got to MEET AND PLAY WITH SEALIONS. (Sorry for the caps, I was very excited!) We each had a sealion to meet, and we got to run through the behaviours that they are taught. The photo above shows me getting a kiss from a sealion! It was one of the best days ever. And it will be up on the blog in highly overexcited detail next week!

+ Late night pancakes with Ben on Tuesday. He surprised me with all the ingredients when he picked me up from work, so we had some traditional lemon and sugar pancakes just before midnight once we got home.

+ The bursts of sunshine we’ve been enjoying this week. Nothing soothes my soul and makes me smile quite like a sunny day!

+ A run on Tuesday that started off horribly with me in the worst mood, but I made it all the way round purely thanks to sheer teeth gritting. I made it all the way round and by the end of the run the endorphins had kicked in, sending me home with a grin on my face!

+ Finally signing up to Pinterest. I had been toying with this idea for a while, but finally took the plunge after reading Polly’s post about her favourite Pinterest sites. I can see how it can become an addiction! I will be limiting the amount of time I spend on there for my own good, and will put up a link to the site from the blog in the next week or so once I’ve gotten it to a stage that I’m happy with.

+ Alice Cooper. Because nothing gets me psyched up for a shift at work that I’m dreading more than blasting out some epic screaming 80s rock and losing myself in the music for a few precious minutes. What can I say, I was born in the wrong decade!

+ Spending a gentile and refined Saturday afternoon with my mum. We had free tickets to go to the V&A Wedding Dresses exhibition which Anna and I visited in December, followed by a Champagne Afternoon Tea at Kettner’s Hotel in Soho. We had a lovely afternoon drinking champagne and tea and sampling dainty sandwiches and sweet treats. It’s always a treat to spend time with Mum, and I actually felt a bit like a grown up with that itinerary as well! The review of our wonderful afternoon this will be up in the next week – keep your eyes peeled!

+ Enjoying reading my current book – Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind The Theory of Everything by Jane Hawking. I don’t normally read biography/autobiography books, and it’s blown my 52 Books Challenge right out of the water, but I am so enjoying it. I’m about halfway through, so hopefully I’ll be writing it up soon!

+ Blogger interaction. I have been trying to put myself out there more often and connect with other bloggers, as one of the reasons why I actually started writing a blog was to try and make some new friends. I was shy of being ignored or not finding the right thing to say, but bloggers are a highly sociable group and I was pleasantly surprised by the warm responses I received!

+ Did I mention sealions?

What have you guys been up to recently? What has made you smile in the last week?

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1 Response to Things That Made Me Smile #3

  1. That’s awesome that you got to meet and play with sealions! I’ll definitely look forward to reading your post with more details! I haven’t been to any wildlife/zoo type of thing in forever, and I really want to visit one in the near future. šŸ™‚


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