Things That Made Me Smile #4

065Once again, this post has been horribly delayed! The second half of the week was mega busy, without a computer, and although it was a wonderful switch off from the world for a few days, now it’s back to business!

The things that have made me smile this week are…

+ Being nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Jessica from This Is Not A Beauty Blog. I am honoured – it’s amazing to get a little bit of recognition and the acknowledgement that someone other than Ben reads my blog! I have selected my eight nominees, all very worthy of the attention, and posted about it here.

+ Going to bed with clean bedding and fresh white sheets. It’s an amazing feeling, especially when you’re exhausted and looking forward to falling asleep. With the winter duvet and the white bedding, it looks like I’m sleeping in a marshmallow den!

+ The big thing this week, which many of the other happy things on this list come from, is under the umbrella of my dad’s 70th birthday celebrations. Thanks to being press-ganged gentle persuasion from my sister and I, he agreed to throw a party to mark the occasion. It was also the opportunity for my dad’s side of the family to come together. We’re a small family but even so we rarely all congregate together, so it was lovely to spend some quality time all in one place. It reminded me just how important family is, and how much you need to appreciate them while they’re still here.

+ Following on from the above, on Friday night we descended on Tranmer House, a gorgeous Edwardian house on the National Trust site of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. There was a loose 1930s dress code, and Dad spent the evening surrounded by friends and family. There was dancing, wine and a saxophonist. What more could you want? It was like our own episode of Downton Abbey!

+ As part of the weekend, Dad hired two of the flats on the top floor of Tranmer House, where our little family gathering enjoyed some truly gorgeous rooms and views. More of this to come next week, but let’s just say we didn’t want to leave. If I could find such a flat in London I’d be in there like a shot!

+ Daffodils. My Dad bought some for the house for the weekend, and they looked so bright and cheerful in their vases. Living in Wales as a child the whole daffodil/St David’s Day thing was a big part of my schooling, but since moving back to England when I was ten the significance died. Seeing them this weekend made me reminisce back to those (mostly) rainy days and find a new meaning to their golden beauty.

+ Going for a run on Saturday morning, which was horrible in almost every way, and jogging past Sutton Hoo’s resident sheep! They were rather unfussed about the crazy humans staggering past them into the wind, and even came up to the fences on our way back to see if we had any food for them! They were certainly the highlight of a freezing and windy walk.

+ Spending Saturday afternoon curled up on the sofa with Ben reading, as the winds howled outside and we stayed warm and cosy in the living room of the Tranmer House flat. It’s been a while since I got to switch off and just curl up and read without having to juggle any other tasks, so it was a real treat.

+ Lemon Tart on Saturday night. Ben and I were in charge of the desserts for Saturday night’s dinner, so we made Treacle Tart and Lemon Tart, both of them favourites of my dad’s. I can barely claim any credit, as Ben did the lion’s share. I zested and juiced a lot of lemons and made the treacle tart filling! Both were wonderful but the lemon tart just stole the show. It was also extra fun because I got to use a blow torch on it to crystallise the sugar on the surface! It was amazing…

+ Getting the chance to use my camera again after several weeks away from it. I’ve missed practising my (limited) photography skills, so the weekend gave me the perfect opportunity.

What things have made you smile this week?

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  1. Frostblade says:

    “Somebody other than Ben reads my blogs”?



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