Things That Made Me Smile #6

010This last week I have been living for the weekend! Unusually my days off fell over a long weekend for once, so I was able to link up with the normal world on Saturday and Sunday. This week at work was pretty good, only the final day went to pot, so on balance it could have been worse. Sadly this was also the week we said goodbye to Terry Pratchett, fantasy author of the Discworld series and hero to many of my friends. I’ve never read his books (they’re on the infinitely long To Read List), but I was aware of them, and the sheer volume of detail he poured into the world of Ankh-Morpork is unbelievable. He was also known for his battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and the work he did for raising awareness of the disease was almost as valuable as his writing. He will be sorely missed.

On a happier note, these are the things that have been making me smile this week…

+ This Copper Pineapple Money Box. I have been (accidentally) stockpiling a small arsenal of loose change in my handbag and purse recently, and it weighs me down and only gets wasted on food bought at work, which I am also trying to cut down on in favour of bringing in my own food. So I decided to start putting this all towards a House Fund, and what better incentive to save than put it into an attractive money box? This solution is utterly bonkers, but I love it. It makes saving for a house so much more fun!

+ Yellow nails. My nail varnish odyssey this week is a golden mustard yellow the colour of orange juice. It’s a bit out of left field for me, but I love it. The sunny brightness makes me feel like it’s spring, even when the weather disagrees!

+ Going for a run in Ruskin Park in the sunshine this week, sporting my new gym top from H&M. It’s bright pink, with a clinging but not unflattering fit, and has those awesome long sleeves that have a thumb hole in them. It sounds strange, but there is definitely something inspiring about stepping out in new kit. It was the motivational boost I needed to get me round the run after two weeks away from it!

+ Seeing some gorgeous purple and white crocuses lining the paths through the park on said run. I am a sucker for pretty flowers, as anyone who follows my Instagram will know, and I couldn’t resist stopping to snap them in all their bright and cheery glory.

+ Being up at ridiculous o’clock on Friday morning had one advantage: that I got to see a gorgeous sunrise break over London. The sky looked like it was on fire with gorgeous colours: pinks, reds and golds diffused the sky with warm, fiery light, and made my rather sucky morning a whole lot better.

+ Seeing a woodpecker flitting from tree to tree outside the window of my flat on Sunday morning. I was lounging in bed with my laptop on my knees looking out of the window, when I caught sight of a flash of red hopping up and down the tree trunks. Lo and behold it was a woodpecker knocking away! I told my mum over lunch (she is the font of all my birdy and gardening knowledge), and she reckoned it was the Greater or Lessser Spotted Woodpecker. The Green variety is apparently found on the ground. I didn’t even know there was more than one type of woodpecker…

+ FINALLY seeing Made In Dagenham. I have been angling to see this for months, but Anna and I could only coordinate our schedules and do so on Saturday. We were not disappointed. It was fun, bold and zany, and I only wish I could go back before the run ends on 111th April. You can read my review of it here.

+ Saturday spent with Anna. We haven’t caught up for about a month, and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon wandering around central London, chatting about a new project she has in the works, before watching Made in Dagenham, obligatory cocktails at B@1, a stroll through Soho and dinner at Côte Brasserie. Time spent with someone you can be completely comfortable with, who knows you at your best and worst and loves you anyway, is one of the best medicines.

+ Sunday’s Mother’s Day lunch with Mum. Ben and I trekked up to Paddington for lunch with Mum, her partner Tony and a few members of his family. We sat in Zizzi’s by the canal, gorged ourselves on Italian food, and then wandered back to Maida Vale along the canal past some stunning houses. Ben and I have already decided to come back with our cameras for a proper photo walk to explore the area another time. It was also, as always, brilliant to see my wonderful mum again. I really do miss her when I don’t see her, and it was nice to meet up and spoil her for once!

+ Poldark, or my new Sunday night period drama fix. Set in 18th century Cornwall, it involves beautiful costumes, tricorn hats, an adorable dog, gorgeous sweeping landscapes and more drama than you can shake a stick at! (They even had a duel in this week’s episode). Jon and I are hooked!

What things have made you smile this week?

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