Wardrobe Wonders: Fiery Skies

1-053So with the long winter finally drawing to a close, I have been longing for brighter, warmer days and the heady haze of London in summer. To compensate for the decidedly dull weather, I incorporated the colours of the bold, beautiful sunrises and sunsets we’ve been treated to of late into my Mother’s Day outfit of choice. Ben and I snuck a few minutes away from the others to snap these in rainy Paddington last Sunday.

1-073The blouse is from H&M. I can’t find it on their website, but I only bought it recently so I can’t imagine it’s gone out of stock just yet. I’m very wary of orange, as I don’t think it suits my pale skin, but my mum disagrees and this and one other orange top have snuck into my wardrobe in the last 12 months. I do like how bold the shade is, and I feel it works pretty much all year round. The ruffles down the front can disguise a multitude of sins, and I like the sheer nature of the fabric. Revealing, yet still classy.

Also, do you like that I managed to (entirely accidentally) coordinate my nails with my outfit? Skills!

1-083The Burgundy Lace Back Cardigan is from New Look. I love the warm, autumnal colour, and I especially love the pretty lace detailing across the back. Cardigans often look a bit plain and boring on me, so the lace really adds interest, as well as incorporating the base colour of the top underneath. It’s soft and comfortable, and it suits so many of my day to day outfits. It toes the smart casual line perfectly, and I am utterly in love with it. My only criticism is that the seam on the left sleeve came partially apart after only one day’s wear. Other than that it has worn well so far, and overall I love it so much I would still recommend it to you.

1-111The trousers are from Wallis last summer, and make a nice dark background to let the fiery colours shine through. They’re a comfortable fit, clingy but without making you feel like you’ve vacuum-packed your legs!

1-081The boots are Oxblood Leather Chelsea Boots, also from New Look. I don’t think I’ve quite broken them in yet, as they do hurt to walk in after a while, but they look so good that I always perservere!1-077Finally, the Neon Rhombus Earrings are a new purchase from Accessorize. I love how 80s they look in shape and colour, and how the coral shades pop and blend with the overall outfit.

1-087I love this little combination: the colour palette is bright and bold enough to satisfy my tastes, yet still sophisticated enough to feel like a grown up (which I’m still not quite sure I am, but the date of birth in my passport disagrees…)

How are you shedding your winter darks and embracing bold Spring brights this year?

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