Things That Made Me Smile #7

028Hello again, and Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Sadly I am working the weekend again (boo!), but I get three days off from tomorrow, so I am holding out for the next 24 hours to speed by. This week has been full of the blooms of Spring, from colourful flowers in Waitrose (see above) to the blossoms coming out on the trees.

So this week has been a bit slow on the good news front, but the things that have made me smile are as follows:

019+ Climbing The Monument on Monday with Ben. I have been meaning to do this for ages, and on Monday we finally made the trek to The City. We lunched in Borough Market, and then crossed London Bridge and climbed the 311 steps to the top. It was freezing but I enjoyed the view, and will put up the photos from our trip this week. Obviously the view is slightly dwarfed compared to that from its neighbour, the Shard, but it’s still worth the hike, if nothing else for the workout that a tightly spiralling staircase of 311 steps up and down will do for you! You also get to eyeball The City, which is surprisingly beautiful in its contrasts of old and new.

083+ Thursday afternoon. In a word: SUNSHINE. I finished work early, so Ben and I went for lunch in Richmond and then walked back along the river. It was such a gorgeous afternoon, spent admiring blue skies and colourful blossom and chatting. We saw a heron prowling the shallows of a pond looking for prey, and I even managed to de-layer to just my shirt and jeans. It was bliss!

093+ On Friday night, Ben and I made a rare trip to East London to watch a mutual friend of ours in her inaugural boxing match. Neither of us had seen a real boxing match before, and of the ten or so matches we watched, it was fascinating to see the difference in skills and viciousness. There was a good and very supportive crowd out that night, and we really found ourselves drawn in, despite knowing literally nothing about boxing. Sadly Kat lost her match, but she fought well and bravely and came away buzzing.

048+ The arrival of my gorgeous Hummingbird Bakery books. I ordered two of them (they were a fiver each on Amazon down from £20 – a steal!), and already have so many recipes I want to try. My next work day that I need to supply baking for is next Sunday, so I reckon one of these recipes might be making their debut!

+ Reading Rachel’s account of visiting London for the first time. Having lived here for nearly six years, I have forgotten along the way some of the enthusiasm I had when I first moved here. I used to wake up and think ‘yes, I’m living in London!’ Far too often now I drag myself out of bed and wearily assess what I have to do today, without enough appreciation for the wonderful city I am lucky to be living in. So it was very refreshing to read this account through the eyes of a newcomer, and see just how excited Rachel and her mum were to explore London. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I intend to take full advantage of my days off to see a bit more of the capital.

050+ This selfie of my dad and my sister, which she sent me on her recent visit home. It made me wish I could be there with them! Moving away from home really makes you appreciate your family more.

042+ All the blossoms! I LOVE magnolia trees, and seeing this one come out in this vibrant shade of pink as I walked through Camberwell the other day was a delight.

And finally…

+ Yesterday Ben and I booked flights to New York! We went to San Francisco last year and had an absolute blast, so this year we thought we’d hit up New York for ten days in May. We’re going to combine it with a few days in Washington DC and a stop over in Maryland, where a university friend of Ben’s is currently working as a State Trooper. We are excited! If any of you lovely people have been to New York or DC, now is the time to unleash your knowledge! I want to know it all – whatever you can recommend me, I am keen to hear it!

What things have made you smile this week?

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2 Responses to Things That Made Me Smile #7

  1. Your post made me smile! It is indeed the little things around us that when paid close attention to can give us the most happiness. Happy Sunday!


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