Things That Made Me Smile #9

IMG_6323Happy (massively belated) Easter, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, whether Easter has any religious significance for you or you just use it as an excuse to consume your body weight in chocolate. Unusually I had the bank holiday off, and took the opportunity to escape back to Suffolk for the weekend to see the family. I had a lovely few days in the countryside catching up with my parents, breathing in fresh country air and eating lots of good food (over the weekend I indulged in Spag Bol, Roast Chicken, and a slab of White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake the size of a brick-heaven!)
With all this Easter goodness at the end of the week, there was a lot to sift through in order to find my highlights of things that made me smile this week. But here we are…

+ On Thursday I made yet another theatre trip, this time to see Sunny Afternoon with Mum, Ben and Tony. It tells the story of The Kinks, a 60s band whose influence spanned around 30 years. I can’t admit to knowing much about the band before I visited, but I recognised a few of their songs once they played and it was a fun evening. The cast were all properly talented, switching between acting, singing, dancing and even playing their own instruments! They were all good showmen (and women) and we all ended the night dancing in the aisles.

+ An amazing Chinese meal before the theatre. I have a favourite restaurant in Chinatown that offers generous portions of delicious food for a very reasonable price, and it was a joy to share it with the others and see them enjoy it too. If you find yourself in London’s Chinatown, look out for Far East restaurant.

IMG_6383+ A day at the seaside on Easter Sunday. Mum, Tony and I headed for the coast and spent the day wandering through sunny Aldeburgh. I love this little town, and we were blessed with gorgeous weather. My photos from the day will be up soon – watch this space!

IMG_6368+ It’s been a few years since I was treated to a proper Easter egg, but this year Ben surprised me and went all out, getting mean egg tneh size of my head! It will last me about a week, although I may have some help, as I wasn’t the only one who appreciated it…

+ I embarked on my first run around Suffolk this weekend, and I even dragged my mum along with me! It was far tougher than running in the city (potholes and uneven ground wreaked havoc on my knees and ankles!), but the view was far better. Mum did really well too-her normal exercise is badminton, do this was a little out of her comfort zone, but she stormed it and made me proud!

IMG_6356+ Spending a day introducing my Dad to 21st century technology-he is now the proud owner of an iPad! I set it up for him, taught him how to use FaceTime and even got us an iPad selfie!

+ Spring cleaning. I got properly in the zone and made some decisions regarding childhood objects I still had kicking about at Mum’s. A few posh dresses got the chop, and I said goodbye to a whole host of other things which once had sentimental attachment. It’s so therapeutic being able to detox your life in this way, and I need to extend the same mentality to the tip that is my room in London!

IMG_6370+ Enjoying the signs of Spring again – candy floss-coloured blossom on the trees, bright blue skies and sunshine. It’s so good for the soul, and gives me an instant pick me up. Who needs caffeine or alcohol when you have Nature?

What things made you happy last week? What were your highlights of the Easter weekend?

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