Photo Reel: Easter Weekend in Suffolk

Easter Weekend Suffolk Cover PhotoThe holiday feeling is well and truly over. The weather today was lovely, but my few days off are now over and I am back to work tomorrow. There is still just under a month until Ben and I depart for New York and our big holiday of the year, and in that absence I am longing to be back in Suffolk. With this in mind, I thought I’d bring you a visual treat today with some snaps from my weekend spent at home. Grab yourself a cup of tea, some leftover Easter chocolate, and have a scroll through lots of photos of cats, pastel-coloured houses, and the seaside.

1-1364I couldn’t resist a little photo shoot with this cutie, part of a stash of Easter chocolate Mum surprised me with on my return home! She had also decorated the house to look suitably spring-like…

1-1357And some things never change…

1-1378What is it about cats that, whenever they see a small, tight space, they have to climb into it and take up residence? However, Sampson was also a very good (and surprisingly willing!) cat model for me.

1-1385I spent one of the days at home with my dad, which we spent in Woodbridge, the pretty town near where he lives. I went a bit camera crazy capturing our stroll around, including the pastel-coloured houses which seem to be a Suffolk speciality, lunch in a cosy pub, a churchyard and a vintage market.

1-13961-13971-13991-1400I love this quote above the door to the Cherry Tree pub, especially as you have to drop down a few steps to enter. It always makes me smile to read it!1-1401After lunch we went for another wander through the town.

1-14031-14051-14081-14151-1425Looking back I’ve just noticed how Spring-like all the colours are. I guess the effect of the season must have just inspired me to gravitate towards it in my photo-taking! I do love Woodbridge. It’s a quiet little town with a selection of independent shops and pubs, where you can spend a good few hours wandering without ever really being lost, and where you can always find something new. Dad and I visit a lot, and it never grows old for me, no matter how little it changes with time. However, this time we visited on a Saturday, and found a vintage market had come to town.


1-1433There was a large amount of clothing there, but also a range of homeware, including these novelty coat hooks made out converted hockey sticks and books! (I was tempted, but resisted!)

1-14261-1429There were also some jewellery stands. Again, I was good, but I could have run wild with enough time and money!

1-1436We then took a final stroll through the town…

1-14411-1452…And then back to Dad’s (where I admired the beautiful blossom on the trees outside his house)



The next day was Easter Sunday, and it was a gloriously sunny day, so Mum, Tony and I took a day trip to one of my other favourite places in Suffolk: the seaside town of Aldeburgh. It’s one of the first places I wanted to take Ben when he came to stay for the time last summer, and it sums up everything I like about Suffolk: open skies, miles of open fields sloping down to the beach (sadly about 90% shingle), pastel-coloured houses (again – I tell you, it’s a Suffolk thing!), the best fish and chips I’ve yet to find, ice cream and a small selection of shops. Here is our afternoon jolly in summary…

1-14881-14991-1528There were a few amusing signs that caught my eye, including the boat above (we share a name!), and the sign below from the caravan of whom I can only assume were two awesome OAPs!

1-15291-15371-1557^^ (Drugs must be in short supply…)

1-15411-15521-15611-1565Isn’t it pretty? We got so lucky with the weather – I was wandering around in just my shirt and jeans by the end, it was so balmy!

1-1568^^ Flocking seagulls.

1-1608^^ I truly regret not being in Suffolk when this was on, or I’d have been sorely tempted to go along. It sounds hilarious!

1-16091-16161-1639^^ Baywatch moment! The far less glamorous British version…

1-1646And, finally, my lovely Mum. Who hates posing for photos, so I told her to ignore me taking pictures and caught a really nice one of her!

So that was my Easter weekend in a nutshell. Just scrolling through those photos makes me wish I was going back now! But alas, London life is calling for now.

What did you all get up to over the Easter weekend? What have you got planned for the May bank holiday weekend? I hope to head back home for that as well, for the last time before Ben and I trek to America! Only a few weeks away now!

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