Things That Made Me Smile #11

026This is last week’s happy list, and it is so unbelievably late in sending! I can only apologise for the delay – work has, as per, taken over my life. I have been feeling drained and often a little demotivated at times these days, which has had a knock on effect on the blog. I have so many posts I intended to put up, but I have found myself either falling asleep on the sofa in the evenings, or rushing backwards and forwards between different things and places. I’ve also not felt all that well this week. I came home with a blinding headache and nausea one day (possibly sun-related), and one day feeling really sick. I’ve been a bit run down and think I may have that cold that seems to be going round everyone at the moment. On a (slightly rambling) side note, can anyone tell me why we get colds in summer, when it is primarily a winter illness? I know it’s a virus that we could technically get at any time, but the prevalence to come down with it in winter makes a cold seem more ridiculous in summertime.

I retreated back to the countryside again for a few of my days off, and have just returned from a few glorious days in sunny Suffolk with my mum. It was my last chance to see her until June, what with my shifts and the impending holiday to NYC, and the sun came out from behind the clouds to dazzle (and burn!) us for the few days I was there.

But despite feeling run down and a little disgruntled last week, there were still some lovely moments in the week that was which made me smile. And here they are:

– Monday night watching Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, accompanied by steak, chips, green beans and wine. The film was far better than I expected from  the reviews, and we spent a very enjoyable evening curled up on the sofa unwinding.

009– My first run of this year in shorts! It was glorious and warm, and while not my fastest time, I am trending faster, and really enjoyed my run in the sunshine. Roll on summer!

– Spring cleaning. I think I mentioned this in last week’s post, but there is something so satisfying about clearing space and throwing out things you don’t need or use anymore. I’ve finally managed to reclaim my desk as a place I actually want to sit and spend my time, rather than hunched over the coffee table or cold at the dining table. Now I can tuck myself away in my room  to catch up with iPlayer programmes or draft blog posts and lose myself in my own little world without taking our communal space.

028– Going for a long photo walk through London on Tuesday. I took my camera and caught a train to London Bridge. After a quick detour through Borough Market to pick up baklava and raspberry coconut ice for the journey (both of which are divine – a must-buy if you find yourself in that part of the world!), I meandered along the river, along South Bank and over Westminster Bridge into St. James ‘ s Park. I saw herons wheeling and pelicans waddling, the tulips were in full bloom, and I even sat for a few moments opposite Buckingham Palace basking in the sunshine and people watching. Bliss.

– Having spent as much of the hot sunny days outside, my arms are starting to pick up their first tan of the year! I’m hoping our trip to New York next month will help to top that up nicely!

– Friday night spent with two of my favourite people. Anna has just moved back to London, and she came round to stay with me and Jon overnight.  We gorged ourselves on jambalaya, cheese, wine and Poldark,  whilst having a good old chinwag and putting the world to rights. Though I am ashamed to say that I fell asleep on the sofa in a rather unattractive flycatching pose…It had been a long week!

– Being reunited with Ben on Sunday after a week apart. Due to various work-related circumstances, we hadn’t seen each other for about a week. Ben picked me up from work Sunday evening and I literally jumped into his arms, I was so excited to see him. There’s nothing quite like being reunited with someone you loved and have missed! We spent the rest of the evening grinning away like lunatics, and I went to sleep that night feeling content and at peace with the world!

What has made you smile in the last week?

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