Things That Made Me Smile #13

017Happy Bank Holiday! I hope all of you who are in the UK are making the most of the three day weekend. I have a grand total of five days off, as I had it combined with my days off, and am making the most of every day, catching up with people each day and trying new things. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Happily, this week has been filled with a lot of moments that made me smile. It being bank holiday weekend, some of my favourite clothing brands were out in force with the discounts. So I took advantage of 20% off at Sugarhill Boutique (on til midnight Monday – get over there!), and the voucher Fat Face kindly sent me for shopping with them in April. I’m waiting for those parcels to land on my doormat sometime next week. I also cooked a huge batch of my speciality risotto for Ben on Friday night, and he treated me to a book (I’m on a self-imposed book buying ban until 16th May) on Monday. Love that man. He certainly knows that the way to my heart – through books, not handbags!

It’s been a while since I had such a long list of happy things to share with you, and I’m very glad to share them with you today. So the main list of things that have made me smile this week are…

033– Ben had a commendation ceremony this week for some stellar work he did last summer, so we headed to the town hall for a ceremony, out to central London for lunch and prosecco at Chop Shop (review to come soon), and then home for more prosecco and a cosy night in with a film.

041– Taking a new (and longer) running route near Ben’s that takes us along more of the river. It was a horrible run and we both felt it for the rest of the day, but the views were lovely and I got the run through falling blossom petals, so it was all very lovely and ethereal as well as sweaty and exhausting.

087– My sister, my aunt and I went on a Made in Chelsea Walking Tour. Yeah, you heard me right. The E4 reality show has grown to such popularity that it now has its own tour, and thanks to Ben we found ourselves on it on Saturday afternoon. A full write up will be up in due course, needless to say it was hilarious and cringey in equal measures! (Above: the obligatory #ChelseaSelfie!)

091– Taking a detour on the way home from seeing my aunt and sister to visit Buckingham Palace and the official proclamation of the birth of the Princess of Cambridge. I had half an hour to spare, and this was an historic occasion – I couldn’t resist! (I’m hoping for a Princess Charlotte personally, though I might be biased as it’s my middle name…)

093– Anna and I had one of our Sunday wandering days, this time taking in the sights of East London. We were attending a Vintage Kilo Sale and Columbia Road Flower Market, and took the opportunity to have wander around Brick Lane and Shoreditch. In particular I went on a graffiti hunt, and fell in love with this gorgeous wall. The colours are just stunning, and would be the perfect backdrop for an outfit post. I may have to return again soon.

098– Finally venturing out to Columbia Flower Market for the first time today. It’s only on Sundays, which has made it challenging getting there around shift work. Luckily Anna and I had some time to kill this morning, so we detoured past Columbia Road. We had flowers all the shades of the rainbow, loud East End voices and plants floating through the air, borne aloft by their proud new owners. I will definitely be going back!

105– Going to my first ever vintage kilo sale! Anna and I were sceptical of what we might find (although one man’s junk might be another man’s treasure, it also works in reverse!), but 45 minutes’ diligent searching paid off, and we both walked away with four new items by the end for under £20 each. I will be showcasing my new (old) finds on here soon!

115– Going to Snog (love the name!) for frozen yoghurt with Anna in Covent Garden – and well-deserved, as according to my phone I have walked over 21,000 steps today!

104– Rediscovering my blogging mojo. Over the past few weeks I’ve slumped into a bit of a malaise, worrying that my blog is rubbish and that my writing’s no good, that I’ll never grow a readership and that my subject matter isn’t interesting or original enough. But this week has turned a corner – I’m feeling positive and motivated again, and full of enthusiasm for the topics I have planned to share with you over the next few weeks. I’ll just have to make sure I get writing so I have a backlog scheduled to go up while Ben and I are in New York and Washington – only 9 days to go!

What has made you smile this week? And do you have any NYC recommendations? We’re planning our itinerary over the next few days – I would love to know where you think we should visit? From the big tourist attractions to the hidden gems – I want to hear them all!

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