Leaving on a Jetplane: American Odyssey Volume 2

IMG_6830So, the time has finally arrived! By the time this post is up, Ben and I should be at Heathrow awaiting our departure to Newark Airport, and our ten days in the USA. We’ll be staying in New York for four days, then trekking south to Maryland to visit a friend of Ben’s from uni, before spending a final few days in Washington DC. As I type this, I am currently listening to the American Anthems playlist we had on repeat during our Californian road trip last September and getting all nostalgic remembering. I only hope the second stage of our American Odyssey (as we’ve gotten to naming these big trips) is as amazing as the first!

I do love travelling, although doing so as an adult is so much more stressful than as a child. I seem to remember just rocking up with a book and a Walkman to the airport and looking forward to the adventures ahead. Now there are visas and baggage allowances to contend with, as well as picking a decent hotel, looking up reputable restaurants and trying not to get mugged. Talk about out of my comfort zone! But so far it’s been worth it for the adventures and stories I’ve come back with, and I am so grateful to be in a position where I can just jet off to whatever corner of the world takes my fancy.

As I will be several thousand miles away from my laptop, blogging will sadly crawl to a temporary halt while I’m gone. I had a whole list of scheduled posts I intended to put up on here to be trotted out while I was away, but what with my manic hours last week I only managed one (blogging fail). That should be up around Friday, and then there will probably be a bit of radio silence on here. But, as Arnie said, I’ll be back! Ben and I return to the UK on 22nd May, and I hope to be back in blogging business around the same time (whilst also juggling a Eurovision Party and visiting the Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition all over the same weekend…) Until then, you can find me over on Twitter and Instagram documenting New York City and Washington DC in all their glory! If you have any good recommendations for either, drop me a line and let me know!

Our bags are packed (almost), we’ve booked in online, and now we just have the trip to Heathrow and an eight hour flight to contend with before we arrive in the Big Apple. I’ve never been to New York before (can you tell?), and I’m excited to discover this new corner of America for the first time. It’s got a lot to live up to in order to rival California, but I live in hope!

See you all in ten days’ time!

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