Things That Made Me Smile #17

Hello everyone!This has been FAR too long coming, and I can only apologise again for how slack things have got on this blog recently. I’ve been so busy careering around from one holiday to another (it’s a hard life!), and then catching up with work and trying to settle back into normal life that I can’t seem to get on top of my writing. But I’m determined to make the effort now, and hopefully normal service will resume soon.

So, cast your minds back to the week following the bank holiday at the end of May. Yep, it’s been that long…

This week was all about adjusting to routine life again after holiday. Going back to work makes me feel almost as though I never left (does anyone else find that happens to them?), and I am longing for the temperatures of America already! But as well as returning to the grind there have been some good bits, and the things that have made me smile this week are:

027– Going home for Bank Holiday Monday to see my mum

034– This dinner. Enjoyed at home and pretty much succesfully recreated for me and Ben during the week.

043– These roses. I saw them on my way through Camberwell the other day, and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of them

005– Due to work running way over, I missed work drinks, a birthday party and dinner with my mum and Ben on Wednesday. However, I did receive this wonderful selfie of them taken at dinner. It made me smile but also made me want to cry, as I wished I could be with them. Next time!

029– This pouffe. Bought form Graham and Green this week as a treat to myself, because on going home on Bank Holiday Monday. I will devote some more page space to it soon, don’t worry! And please excuse the state of the living room – there’s holiday laundry and Eurovision decorations aplenty sharing space in the living room at the moment!

026– My colleagues making me laugh. Dave and Alec gave me a lift to the station after work when I ran late last night, and then bombarded me with videos of them singing during the night shift. I was in stitches watching them this morning, and have rewatched on repeat ever since. For their own dignity I’m afraid I can’t post them on here, but let’s just say that their rendition of ‘Morning Has Broken’ is just priceless! It gave me such a warm glow inside to feel liked and cared about, especially as I feel like I’ve struggled with fitting in at work over the past few months. These guys are two of my favourites at work, and I couldn’t get through my days there without them!

Next up, last week’s Things That Made Me Smile, and then I can finally get back on an even keel!

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