Things That Made Me Smile #18

107So, last week’s things that made me smile. I started off June on good form, with a few days holiday in Kent with my Dad and my sister. The British weather did not. We had wind, rain and cold for approximately half of our holiday, and then on the day we returned home it was gloriously sunny! Isn’t that always the way with holidays in the UK – so fickle! But I loved our family time together – it’s so much fun to reunite me, my dad and my sister when we spend so little time together during the year. I really hope we can make the effort to have more little holidays like this together. My sister and I currently have plans for a bigger family meet up in November. Watch this space!

These are my little moments that made me smile from last week…

020Finding little hidden gems in the most unexpected places – like this nautical-style wall in a side street in Whitstable. I’ve never been to Whitstable before, and although I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon (the highlights for me were the beach and the Whitstable Oyster Co, where we ate on our last night), I did enjoy our few days there.

045The very Game of Thrones-esque memorial to Thomas A Beckett in Canterbury Cathedral. Titled ‘Martyrdom’, it is such a sinister monument to see in a cathedral, but at the same time I can’t help but be drawn to it. Is it just me?

047Also in Canterbury Cathedral, and in complete contrast, this beautiful little chapel in memory of the Bucks Regiment. It is just so elaborate and detailed, yet with that peaceful feeling of calm that you get in a place of worship. I could have stood there for an hour just taking in every extravagant detail.

074This delicious lunch from Strada. This is Creamy Chicken Cavatappi – Corkscrew pasta with chicken, mushrooms, creamy tarragon sauce and salsa verde. And it was utterly divine. So indulgent but so worth it!

077Indulging my inner geek at the Roman Museum in Canterbury. I miss History and studying, and my degree feels like a million years ago, so it’s nice to remind myself that I used to do something vaguely intellectual with my life!

086My sister’s sense of style. She’s always perfectly coordinated and it puts me, her scruffy little sister, to shame. She took it upon herself to teach me a beauty regime and how to paint my nails properly (I am not the tidiest at such skills…) She also had a blue and white themed wardrobe for our week away, pretty much epitomised by this delightful Cath Kidston Clouds Bag. I may have bought a mug in the same style the day we visited Canterbury…

139We made a stop at Richborough Roman Fort on our last afternoon in Kent, and while my dad took photos of piles of stones, my sister and I took tours of the grounds. I spent quite a while sat on one of the ruined walls admiring the greenery. Vast open skies, flat green fields and wild flowers. A perfect view for some quiet comtemplation.

149The view of Whitstable beach on our final night. It was absolutely stunning, the sky and sea bathed in shades of gold and peach, and a tinge of evening warmth hung in the air. It was idyllic, and if we didn’t have dinner to go to I could have spent all night there just basking. In fact I walked back to the hotel from the restaurant that night rather than join my dad and sister in the car because I wanted to enjoy it.

183Coming home from Kent and cutting loose my responsibilites for a few hours to sit in the park with my book (The Girl On The Train) in the sunshine. It was glorious, and I need to make time for it more often.

189This very handsome young man, spotted in my local park on the way home from my marathon reading/subathing session! I know some people aren’t a fan of squirrels, but I think they’re adorable!

Yay, I’ve finally brought that up to date! And now normal business can resume. I have so much to update you on – New York, Kent, and some other bits and bobs that have been a while in coming! Bear with me and it’ll all be up on here soon.

In the meantime, what has been making you smile recently? Update me on your life!

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