Things That Made Me Smile #19

051Hello! How are you? How has your week been? And what’s with this UK weather – it’s meant to be June!

My week has been pretty jam-packed. Hectic, long hours at work, followed by the luxury of a long weekend off. My weekends off are so rare that they always fill up pretty speedily with events – in fact two of Sunday’s may have to be snuck into next week’s list, as this list is already so full of little sparks of happiness that it might burst if I try and cram anything else in! (Also, just FYI, there is a lot of good food in this week’s list. If you haven’t already eaten today then you read this at your own peril – you have been warned!)

So, the things that made me smile this week have been:

023– Seeing the dawn breaking across London from the top of Primrose Hill at 4am on Wednesday morning. It’s getting so light at the moment in the run up to Midsummer’s Day! If you squint, you can just make out the Shard, the BT Tower and the London Eye in the skyline of this shot.

017– A lazy afternoon before work spent catching up with blogging, wrapped up in one of my cosiest jumpers and with a mug of fruit tea on hand. Bliss.

016– Chorizo and halloumi salad. This was purely thrown together as a result of the ‘what have I got in the fridge?’ hunt. To make, lightly fry chorizo and halloumi together, before adding a bag of rocket on top (though not as long as I did, as it wilted a tiny bit). The result? An awesome, if not entirely health-conscious, salad. Chorizo-smoked halloumi is the best!

032– Ben baking a gorgeous loaf of fresh bread during the week. The smell of fresh bread wafting through the flat is a joy that cannot be defined! And it was so delicious eaten still warm from the oven with lashings of butter!

106– This installation in Waterloo Station (#JurassicWaterloo) to promote the release of Jurassic World. Raptors everywhere! I’m so excited to see the film now (if you couldn’t tell from this photo!)

034– This salad – taken from a Slimming World Little Book of Lunches, no less! Hot smoked salmon with potato and a homemade dressing – divine! The recipe serves four, and there was enough for dinner for Ben and I one night, and a very large lunch for Ben on Saturday!

075– These neon lights, which are part of a display from God’s Own Junkyard installed at the Southbank Centre for their Festival of Love this summer. I’m a big fan – if you’re passing the Southbank Centre any time this summer, check it out! Now I just need to work out how to sneak one away to install in my living room…

050– Date Night dinner with Ben to celebrate him passing out of the probationer stage at work (two years). My treat when I passed this last month was to see Finding Neverland on Broadway, and his was dinner at The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden. Their food is just sublime – and check out this chocolate bombe dessert! SO, so good. (And yes, it is meant to look like that – you pour salted caramel sauce over the chocolate shell, and it all goes gooey and melted. It’s amazing!)

109– A theatre date with Anna to see Bend It Like Beckham on Friday night. We ate noodles in Soho, then immersed ourself in this glorious blend of East meets West meets David Beckham. I love the film, so was curious to see how the stage version panned out. It wasn’t half bad! Full review to come next week.

146– Embracing Open Garden Squares Weekend with Mum and Tony on Saturday. This was the third year I’d attended, and this time we mainly focused on the Bloomsbury area. For such a built up concrete jungle of a city, London certainly has a lot of wonderful green spaces, and they all seem so peaceful, and such a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan life. I could have spent the whole afternoon just relaxing in one of the leafy green squares with a rug, a flask of hot chocolate and a good book.

065– Finally finding a dress for my friend Helen’s wedding in August! I’d already bought two dresses online and rejected both, so I set myself the task of hitting Oxford St on Friday afternoon and trawling the shops for a dress. Luckily John Lewis came to the rescue, and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, summer wedding-worthy dress. I promise I will upload better photos than this in the weeks to come! This was my changing room ‘do-I-Like-it-enough-to-spend-all-this-money-on-it?’ shot!

044– This beauty, which is now mine and Ben’s! Yep, we bought a new car this week. Well, strictly we bought it last Sunday, but collection date was Thursday, and now we are the proud parents of a red Nissan Qashqai. It’s so gorgeous, and I’m so nervous about it getting broken into or pranged by one of London’s (many) careless drivers! It seems like such a massive step for the two of us – especially as this time last year our biggest joint expense had been £100 for four posters…talk about escalation! We’re currently trying to work out a name for him/her – any suggestions?

What things have made you smile this week? I’d love to hear them all!

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2 Responses to Things That Made Me Smile #19

  1. LondonKiwiEmma says:

    Isn’t the Open Squares weekend fabulous for being nosy – I love it!


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