Things That Made Me Smile #20

016Hello! Boy am I glad that this week is over! It’s had some good moments, but it’s been so long! Six days of work later and I am finally free for three glorious days! I don’t intend to do a massive amount with these days, though Ben has a surprise trip planned for us this afternoon! Also, don’t those stocks look lovely alongside the pouffe of gorgeousness? They smell wonderful too, and were only £4 from Sainsburys – bargain!

So, the things that made me smile last week are as follows:

005– Brunch in Brixton with old schoolfriends Helen and Zoe. We only get the chance to catch up once a month or so when our schedules all sync up (thank you, shift work!), but we always find that we can chat away for hours about the little goings on in our lives. My brunch was the divine scrambled egg with nduja on sourdough and accompanied by a mimosa – it was Sunday brunch, after all! We talked jobs, friends, and weddings. Helen’s big day is on 8th August, and we were talking dresses, gift lists and honeymoons.

022– Dancing to the Cat Empire with Ben on Sunday night. We went to see this laid-back Aussie band perform at the Royal Albert Hall, and they gave us an incredibly lively set, complete with a rainbow of strobe lights. There was such a party vibe to the hall, and I’ll never say no to dancing with my boy! It was also my first visit to the Royal Albert Hall, and I am now even more in love with the place than I was from seeing the outside. Hopefully we’ll get to go back soon!

106– Jurassic World. I know this photo featured in last week’s post, but I love it so any excuse to roll it out again is good by me! It also sums up my favourite aspect of the film: BATTLE RAPTORS. Alongside the other highlights: Dino theme park. BATTLE RAPTORS. Bryce Dallas Howard outrunning a T-Rex by sprinting in heels. BATTLE RAPTORS! The film has a suitbaly new, fresh feel to it, but it also pays homage to Jurassic Park in a respectful, not actually tacky, way. It is an epic film, and you should definitely see it. And I definitely now want my own pack of battle raptors I could be the Alpha over, Chris Pratt style.

IMG_8130– Making the most of Yo Sushi’s Blue Monday deal. At £2.75 a dish, we gorged ourselves on gyoza and salmon maki and chicken katsu and salmon firecracker rice. It was delicious! I think you can see by the stack of blue dishes that we had a good time! And I also got to try the Ramune Soda (top left). With a taste like bubblegum and complete with a marble rolling about in the top compartment to preserve the fizz, it was an utterly surreal drink! But it became surprisingly moreish as I drank more of it.

048– Going for my first run in a month. I’ve been feeling so guilty about not getting out there, so the chance to stretch my legs and make the first step towards getting back in shape felt good! I ached the day after, and it was a little more hard-going than it had been, but as with all my runs, I got home feeling virtuous. It’s also important for another reason entirely, but that will be revealed over the next week. Stay tuned…

001– Saturday morning’s sunrise. This was taken at around 04:40, when the pinks, purples and golds of the sunrise were starting to diffuse across the sky. I love sunrises and sunsets, and particularly when I’m working through the night, it’s so wonderfully heartening to see the sun emerge with the dawn. I also would have loved to be on that plane, jetting off to exotic climes and getting to watch London waking up as a bonus. Perfect 🙂

005– Summer rainstorms. We had a belter of a day on Saturday, with filthy grey skies looming overhead all day. You know when the clouds are so thick that they make the sky go dark? Yep, those. And then the heavens opened and we had several hours – count them, hours, of pouring rain. I tried to take photos, but it didn’t quite capture the sheer scale of it. Also, am I the only one who loves the sound of summer rain pounding down? I could quite happily curl up on the sofa with the windows open, watching the storm and listening to it rage, smelling the fresh scent that storms and rains always bring with them, safe and dry indoors.

025– Having a massive clothing clearout. My drawers were sagging under the weight of so many clothes, and I knew that there were far too many in there that I never wear anymore. I had recently read an article in Grazia about a woman who, following a break up, essentially sold off everything she owned beside a capsule wardrobe, some books and an actual wardrobe. While I could never do anything quite so drastic as that, I did fancy having a clear out and making my wardrobe more streamlined. I brought everything out into the living room during a Bridget Jones marathon with Jon, and blitzed my wardrobe. I have currently got 28 items ready to send to the charity shop (via my mother), and still have four dresses to decide what to do with. I was ruthless, and it actually felt really good! Now to exercise enough self-restraint not to refill my drawers with the same number of clothes again…

What things have made you smile in the last week?

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